AutoSol Winter School 2020

This an initiative taken up by IndoEuroSync, by understanding the actual importance of upgrading technological knowledge of Indian students/engineers and for a better technological future, we form a technology transfer bridge between Indian and European; academic and industry segments. AutoSol, will be the unique opportunity for students to obtain cutting edge European technology in the fields of Mechanical, ECE, EEE, CSE, Automotive & Mechatronics. AutoSol would be promising its participants unprecedented outlook into the technology world.
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ARC - Applied Robot Control for Industrial Automation

The ARC is an initiative by IndoEuroSync to provide real time industrial automation solutions in both organizational and academic level. ARC has already been organizing regular student seminars in Germany including workshops and live experiments at APS in Germany. ARC provides to the students the access to industrial robotics under production conditions with remote control. An extensive exchange program for Indian faculty members guarantees the high quality of the educational lessons and practical courses. These practical courses allow direct control of the industrial robots in Germany from Indian universities. Concretely, the students learn simulating, programming and controlling the robots in order to test their results at these industrial robots, which are equipped with grippers, sensors, etc.
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